Mesoplasma florum growth media

Lately I have tested out Mesoplasma growth media. It appears that it cannot grow in SOB + Tween80 but I suspect this may have something to do with sugar levels. When I analyzed the genome on KEGG, it was very simple, and therefore may not have all the genes needed to derive sugar from some other source than just plain sugar I add to the media. Interestingly enough, it has proteins required for the uptake and use of extracellular sucrose, unlike E coli. Really shows its background of being from a lemon tree rather from an animal. I wonder if other Mycoplasmas have this trait.


I’ve been slowly working on Vibrio natriegens. Going to try a basic electroporation according to the new published paper. Unfortunately, this does not help my Mesoplasma research because I require high transformation efficiency and conjugation machinery, something it does not have.

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