KG_27 | pBS1C-lacZ, ECE260


lacZ-reporter vector featuring amyE-integration with selection for chloramphenicol resistance; pAC6-derivative; includes BioBrick Standard (RFC10) multiple cloning site.


Radeck J, Kraft K, Bartels J, Cikovic T, D¸rr F, Emenegger J, Kelterborn S, Sauer C, Fritz G, Gebhard S, Mascher T. The Bacillus BioBrick Box: generation and evaluation of essential genetic building blocks for standardized work with Bacillus subtilis. J Biol Eng. 2013 Dec 2;7(1):29 (PMID: 24295448)



Location Designation Quick Name Other Other-2
27 KG_27 pBS1C-lacZ, ECE260 B.subtilis. Stored in E coli DH5α. ColE1. Amp. ~ amyE_locus. Cam.

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