KG_22 | pMTLBs72, ECE168


Shuttle plasmid; resistant to chloramphenicol (10μg/ml) in Bacillus subtilis; Stable theta replication.


Titok MA, Chapuis J, Selezneva YV, Lagodich AV, Prokulevich VA, Ehrlich SD, JanniËre L. Bacillus subtilis soil isolates: plasmid replicon analysis and construction of a new theta-replicating vector. Plasmid. 2003 Jan;49(1):53-62 (PMID: 12584001), Titok M, Suski C, Dalmais B, Ehrlich SD, JanniËre L. The replicative polymerases PolC and DnaE are required for theta replication of the Bacillus subtilis plasmid pBS72. Microbiology. 2006 May;152(Pt 5):1471-8 (PMID: 16622063)



Location Designation Quick Name Other Other-2
22 KG_22 pMTLBs72, ECE168 B.subtilis. Stored in E coli GC5. ColE1. Amp. ~ pMTLBs72. Cam

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